Hi there! I’m Sumit. And lately, I’ve been on a quest to satisfy my curiosities — I’ve been reading a lot, that is to say. And I often share my learnings with family and friends. Abandoned Curiosities was born out of such conversations.

Carl Sagan once said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Abandoned Curiosities is an attempt to create an entire library of incredible little things to complement my ever-growing book collection.

Included among the studies are artists, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, poets, and whatnot. It’s a motley crew.

At a certain point in life, most of us quit trying to keep up with our infinite curiosities. But we never stop longing for those abandoned curiosities. As I continue to explore mine, I’ll be writing to you, every Thursday, with some of the exploits from my journey — lessons, reflections, obsessions, recommendations, incredible things.

And it’s all completely free (at least for now).


Sumit Garg
Satisfying my curiosities. Sharing my learnings.